Trade with Iran

Trade with Iran

Take Advantage of Upcoming Sanctions Removal in Iran


Several decades have seen trade opportunity roadblocks between Iran and the Western world.  The recently signed nuclear deal is expected to open many trade doors once sanctions are lifted in the spring of 2016.

At the White Rose Group, we have been preparing for this imminent change for some time now. Our team of specialists is in place for companies needing assistance with Iran foreign trade and in navigating the sometimes complex rules and regulations for importing into Iran. 


Don’t Get Left Behind


Even though the lifting of sanctions is 6 months away, companies looking to penetrate the Iranian market are already exploring trade solutions.  Much preparation is required if you plan to get an early foothold.  Our 20 years of freight forwarding and supply chain experience can help any company to:

-       Understand what products are eligible for import and the amount of duties and taxes associated with those products.

-       Establish transportation routings for all modes of transport including air, sea and land services.

-       Provide potential trading partners through our substantial client base.

-       Ensure full compliance on Customs rules and regulations; many of which are still in the development process.

Several world powers have already agreed to lift sanctions as the vision of opening new markets in Iran become more realistic.  Iranian government officials representing trading companies in Iran have already been visiting various potential trade partners in Europe and the United States with a view to strengthening Iran’s economy and some business deals were initiated years ago in anticipation of the signing of the nuclear deal.


Unfreezing Foreign Assets


Over 100 billion dollars of frozen assets held by Iran in foreign countries are expected to become liquid once the deal is complete.  Aggressive companies are not waiting for things to be finalized rather; deals are being negotiated today so that investments can flow immediately after the measures are removed.

The White Rose Group has also been preparing in advance and we are at your disposal to discuss all logistical needs for trading with Iran.  Contact one of our trade specialists for any questions or guidance on taking advantage of new multi-billion dollar business opportunities with Iran.

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