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If you want to import your goods from Iran, the White Rose Group and partner Tehran Nasim make sure you receive the best consultancy possible in order to import the right goods (to find the best products that suits your needs). We help you all the way through the exporting process from the starting point to the moment your goods reach their destination.


Business and trade consultancy in Iran

The main resource in Iran is energy – specifically oil and gas. The White Rose Group and partner Tehran Nasim take an active part in the energy industry and so we are able to offer our customers a unique insight into the structures, networks and regulations. This leads to streamlined International logistics and cost-effective freight forwarding solutions.


Iran has become an important player in international trade. Due to its advantageous geographical position it is frequently used for economical trading routes to CIS states and neighbouring countries. The number of imports from international businesses continues to increase. Its exports are also increasing substantially due to the fact that it is a country of rich resources.


What does Iran export?

Recent studies suggest Iran exports more than 144000 USD million per year. Iran’s most important exports are oil and natural gas. Together they account for 82 % of the country’s export revenues. Famous Iranian resources exported are Saffron, Tea, Hand woven carpets, rugs and handicrafts.


Other industries include:

Transport industry: Mini Bus, Passenger Car, Bus, Motorcycle, Truck, Bicycle and Auto Spare Parts,

Petroleum industry: Gas, Oil-derivatives, Metals and Mineral Ores

Building and Construction Industry: Cement, Decorative Stone, Tiles, Ceramic and Glass Products

Food Products: Wheat Flour, Fruit Juice, Soft Drinks, Conserved Products, Biscuits and Chocolates

Iran exports globally but especially to countries such as the Middle East, Central Asia and East Asia (China, Japan, India, Etc.)


If you are a distributor or an importer in your country, and interested in importing from Iran, through the valuable connections we have with many trading companies, we can find you the best price and quality for the required goods and help you reach your goals in a very short time without any hassle.


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