Simple Tips for Transit to Iran

Admin | Oct 20 15

International shipping and trade can be problematic because of international sanctions. With the myriad of restrictions and regulations to be mindful of, it is not hard to slip and be forced to pay expensive fines or have your goods reclaimed because of minor violations or simple mistakes in the process.

Any experienced importer or exporter of products know the amount of work (and red tape) involved in international transactions and Iran is no exception. This is where professional freight forwarding companies are of great use, helping you make sure that transit of your goods and merchandise will be as smooth and problem-free as possible. The following are simple tips you can follow to ensure less hassle when transporting goods to Iran:

•    Establish roles between you and your freight forwarding company. Know exactly what the company can/will and can’t/will not do for you. Make it a point to establish responsibility and liability so you will know what you should do and where their work begins and stops.
•    Know the kind of service you need as well as the mode of transfer you can best benefit from. Door to door services add great convenience, although they may cost more than typical port to port options. Choose the best mode of transport, depending on the type of cargo you are shipping. If your cargo is considered hazardous, make sure you have the proper documentation to support its transit.
•    Determine the value of your shipment so you can acquire the right amount of protection and insurance for it. Make sure that your shipment is not out of gauge or oversized to avoid issues during transport and transfers.
•    Make sure you have all import/export license in place before finalizing logistics for your freight. Freight forwarding companies will often take care of these kinds of documentations, but make sure you are not missing any documentation before pushing through with the transfer.