How to Find the Best Construction Companies in Iran

Admin | Oct 31 15

No matter, what your business is, you would always need the help of a good construction company to help you set up an impressive office space and convert your dream into a reality. Agreed, that when it comes to ideas, there is no dearth of creative minds. But, what looks good on paper might not look as good if the construction company you choose is not really up to the mark.

In Iran, you will find that there are some construction companies that are keen to help you in realizing your dream. However, finding the right one is the key. Here is a list of some of the best construction companies in Iran.

Kayson: Kayson is a well-known construction company in Iran that provides all services related to construction like a design, management, engineering, etc. They are known for their top class designs that have made them famous not only in Iran but also in other parts of the world.

Herison Construction Company: Known for their fetish for perfection, Herison Construction Company is known for its innovative designs, creative ideas, and impeccable teamwork. It is this dedication to work which has made this company among the most efficient construction companies of Iran.

TAM Engineering & Construction Company: TAM provides engineering services for the automotive, mines, rail, oil & GAS and power industries. It offers end-to-end capabilities for the construction of plants and buildings in the industries it serves.

White Rose Business Group: The White Rose Business Group deals in some businesses including building construction. Established in 1992, this company has assisted in constructing some of the best high rises and structures in Iran. A highly experienced staff of surveyors, architects, project managers and engineers help in constructing impressive buildings.

Armeno Co: Armeno Co. is a company that was established in 1982 and ever since has been working in the field of engineering and construction. With their vast knowledge and experience spanning over 33 years, they are known for building some of the most innovatively designed structures.

Iran Arvin: Founded in 1983, Iran Arvin focuses on the industrial sector. It provides strategic master planning, consulting, procurement, project management, and engineering and construction services.

The above mentioned are some of the better construction companies in Iran. Check out their projects and services to see if they can help you realize your dreams