10 Quick Tips about Freight to Iran from the USA

Admin | Oct 30 15

There are many organizations that have import-export of goods as the crux of their operations. Such firms need a reliable freight service firm for the smooth sailing of their business. This is especially true if the business is trying to send goods from the USA to Iran.

The recent trade pact between the two countries has opened new windows of opportunity for businesses.

Iranian companies can now ship from the USA. However, the newness of this arrangement means that most businesses are unaware of the proper procedures and rules that have to be followed and met. In these circumstances, taking the help and support of a professional and responsible freight service firm would ensure the timely delivery of the items.

Finding such a service provider is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is find a company that understands your business needs and can work in sync with you. Take a look at these tips that will help you find the perfect freight service company:

1.    The Size of the Company: Make sure that the freight service provider is big enough so that it can handle the global needs of your business. Any firm that is unable to do this would only jeopardize your business.
2.    Experience: Find out in detail about the experience that the company has had in dealing with such international shipments.
3.    Type of Products: It would be a good idea to discuss if they know the right way to handle the goods your company deals in.
4.    Network: Since you are dealing with the US, it is important that the freight service company that handles all your shipping operations has a strong network in the country.
5.    The Size of Shipments: The firm should be able to handle the size of your shipments that are being transported from the USA to Iran.
6.    Mode of Transport: When it comes to shipping consignments, you would need a company that can provide you with air and ship freight services.
7.    The Method of Operation: Before finalizing the freight service, discuss in detail the methodology that they would follow when transferring goods from the US to Iran. This should include handling the documents and coordinating the shipment.
8.    Trade Association Member: It is always better to go with a freight service that is a member of a registered trade association. This would ensure that in case of any problem you know where to turn to for help.
9.    Insurance: The freight company should have insurance as this is the only way they can insure your goods.
10.    Intermodal Services: There would be occasions when you may need to transport the goods from the US using more than one mode of shipment. It is always better to associate with a company that provides these services.

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that you find the best freight service for freight transfers from the USA to Iran.